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Not on Fairfield nature reserve but near enough to be interesting. Going south along the canal, past the cutting and the bench, there were three fieldfare feeding today on the Haverbreaks terraced field (on the east side of the canal). My understanding is that this is quite late for fieldfare to be in the UK, so thought it worth a mention. They couldn’t be breeding could they?


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2 thoughts on “Fieldfare”

  1. Hi Mandy – do you mean the field between Haverbreaks and the horse paddocks?
    You’re correct about the timing – it would be quite extraordinary (almost certainly unprecedented) for fieldfare to be present here at this time of year! I’ll try and take a look in the morning and hope that they haven’t moved on… Thanks.

    • Yes, that’s the field with the lynchets (terracing). The three birds were feeding on the flatter grassy area just behind the fencing, flying to and from the hedging to the left. We were standing just a few metres from the bench and looking straight across the canal. Mike was with me and thinks they’re fieldfare because he noticed that the back of their head and body was pale and there seemed to be greater variegated markings (than a mistle thrush, say). Sorry we don’t have pics. As “juvenile” bird spotters, we are happy to stand corrected!

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