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Our Green Spaces

The Fairfield Association in Lancaster is now responsible for around 50 acres of land including: 

Fairfield Nature Reserve
Fairfield Nature Reserve
Fairfield Community Orchard
Fairfield Community Orchard
Roundabout at Fairfield Playground
Fairfield Green and Playground
People attending the stalls, treasure trail and BBQ at the Triangle in the sunshine
Aldcliffe Road Triangle

Latest News

Fairfield Association Minutes: 20 February 2024

Minutes of the Fairfield Association meeting held on 20 February 2024 at the Tite & Locke

Wildlife in North Lancashire 2024

The 2024 issue of NLWG’s annual publication Wildlife in North Lancashire is now available.

Fairfield Association Meeting Agenda: 20 February 2024

Agenda for the meeting in the Tite & Locke pub at 7.30pm.

FFOG Minutes: 11 January 2024

Minutes of the Fauna, Flora and Orchard Sub-Group (FFOG) meeting on 11 January 2024.

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Volunteers with Scythes Outside Church

Wildlife Sightings

Bird Reports: 27 February 2024


On a walk round on Tuesday 27 there was a redpoll by redpoll the path from the canal to Pony Wood. Also a list of sightings from the board.

Scarlet Elfcups in Pony Wood


These Scarlet Elfcups on a fallen tree trunk in Pony Wood were visible from the Path.

A Wide Variety of Birds


These birds were recorded on the reserve by Rachel Malloch on 17 February.

Flush Count – 5 February 2024


Wildlife seen on the reserve during the flush count on 5 February.