Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Fairfield Playground

Playground OPENING

The new playground was officially opened at the Fairfield Festival on Saturday 13 July 2024 so you can start using it now!

Fairfield Playground

Set in one of the most attractive play areas in the city, with plenty of space around it for picnicking or relaxing as well as playing, people come from across the city to use the playground.

Fairfield Association volunteers:

  • maintain the equipment
  • raise funds
  • keep the area clean and tidy

Get Involved

Report a Problem

Although the playground is inspected regularly by the Council and by volunteers, you might spot something that you think needs our attention. If you think there‚Äôs a problem with any of the equipment then please email: 

Make a Donation

We have successfully raised the funds to replace the playground, but we still have ongoing maintenance costs that we always need help with. If you think you can spare some cash to help keep the playground looking lovely then please make a donation.

How to Donate

Latest News

Keep up to date with the redevelopment of the playground and find out about community events that are planned for the future.

Playground News

Playground History

There has been a children’s play area on part of the Fairfield Green site for nearly 100 years, but in 1996 a local developer applied to build housing on it.

Playground History

Where is the Playground?

Fairfield playground is in the SW of Lancaster, within easy and safe walking distance of local schools, the city centre and the railway station.

It situated on Fairfield Green, between Wingate-Saul Road and Sunnyside Lane and adjacent to the allotments.