Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Donations and Legacies

The Fairfield Association is grateful for any support it receives to help preserve the wonderful green spaces it is maintaining for Fairfield residents and the wider Lancaster community.

If you would like to make a one-off donation to the charity without becoming a Fairfield Friend, please visit our donations page.

How to leave a legacy to the Fairfield Association

If you wish to leave a legacy to The Fairfield Association (charity no. 1058030), you first have to decide the type of legacy you wish to leave. This can be:

  • a pecuniary legacy -‘a cash gift’ which consists of a specified sum of money;
  • a specific legacy which consists of a specific item of personal property;
  • a residuary bequest which is the residue of your Estate, or a share of the residue, after your debts have been settled and any legacies you leave to other people have been paid.

It is helpful if bequests are made for the general charitable purposes of the charity as this means your gift can be spent where it is most needed at the time it is received.

Making the Legacy

If you have already made your Will, a bequest to the Fairfield Association may be added, or you may need to make a new Will. In either case, we recommend you speak to a Solicitor or a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers, who will advise on the best course of action and how best to leave the legacy.

Alternatively there are a number of on-line Will writing services which can be used to write Wills at a low cost. Check those which are used by well- known charities or are recommended by Which.

Download the information on this page in our “Making a Legacy” leaflet (PDF 275K)