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Bird Reports: 27 February 2024

On a walk round on Tuesday 27 there was a redpoll by the path from the canal to Pony Wood. Also a list of sightings from the board.

Song thrushes

A pair of song thrushes near Cromwell gate on Saturday. I think of thrushes as solitary birds so … Read More

Thrush and shellduck

Seeing a song thrush in Big Meadow this afternoon reminded me that on Tuesday morning we saw a … Read More

Song thrushes

Two song thrushes amongst a gang of blackbirds in the Orchard on Tuesday 28th January

Flower identity

Can anyone identify this flower, to be found under the big trees just to the east of the … Read More

Wildlife sightings

Whilst marking out the beetle banks ready for the ploughman yesterday I put up a snipe from the … Read More

Teal and thrush

Three teal on Alder Pond this morning, plus a song thrush in the Orchard. Also, I have been … Read More