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Recent Wildlife

On 31st Aug the FFOG group saw a gold crest in the silver birch tree by the bend … Read More

At last – another flush count!

The team made a return to the marshes this morning for the March snipe count. Seriously delayed, but thankfully not … Read More

Recent Sightings

Flora Field  – a brown hare, a snipe and, spotted by Dan Heywood  – overflying, a greater spotted … Read More

Brown Hare

Fraser reported seeing 2 hare in West Field today and friends had seen two going away from West … Read More

Brown Hare

One Brown Hare sighted browsing on vegetation at the foot of the far hedge in West Field (Pony … Read More

Still a few snipe around

The final snipe count for this winter put up 13 snipe, all common. Seven in Big Meadow, two … Read More

Snipe and hare

Yesterday I flushed 5 snipe from Flora Field and saw a brown hare. Has anyone seen more than … Read More

Hare and heron

A heron flew up from Lucy Brook this morning and I spotted a hare lolloping along in Flora … Read More