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Wildflowers and (reported) owl sightings

Whilst preparing for the Ragwort Working Party yesterday morning a woman passing by told us that she had seen baby barn owls at dusk on the top of the shed stone wall. She said that they and their parents could be heard calling to each other in the trees. We looked and listened after the volunteer session last night but without result.

Newly observed flowers include teasels in the Orchard:


The first of our wildflower plugs in flower: greater bird’s foot trefoil:


And what I think is bloody crane’s bill in the Hay Meadow



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1 thought on “Wildflowers and (reported) owl sightings”

  1. As to the owl sighting, Sam (our son) heard two distinct owls screeching in the trees by the path by the sheds the other night, so he pointed his phone at one, took a picture, and got this (I’ve enhanced it a bit).

    Listening to some owl calls on-line, he thought it sounded like the juvenile tawny, rather than a barn owl, though.

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