Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Hares in Flora Field

Yesterday evening I saw one hare hunkered down in the field when a second hare appeared.

Sightings Board Report

These were recorded on the board between the 13th and the 17th of May …

Fairfield Festival Postponed Until 13 July

Due to the delays with the installation of the new playground, we can’t run our planned Fairfield Festival on Saturday 25 May as originally envisaged. We have moved the date back to Saturday 13 July.

Playground Update

It’s a beautiful sunny day and of course there’s nothing we’d like more than to be enjoying our brand new playground. Sadly it still isn’t ready.

Hare in West Field

There were more sightings of the two hare on 1 May, this one in West Field.

Roe Deer and Brown Hare

This roe deer was in a garden that backs onto Upper Sowerholme.