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There was a stonechat by School Pond late yesterday afternoon, the first one I’ve seen this year. Spring must be on its way! For those unfamiliar with the species, here’s a pic I took of one locally last last year.



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3 thoughts on “Stonechat”

  1. We saw a pair on Wednesday 26th Feb. They were perching on Thistle(?) heads in the reeds by Alder Pond. The male was unmistakeable and very handsome.
    Sue and Ian

  2. The pair were again present today (Friday). They were foraging from rush stems around the edges of the Alder Pond. The male is just starting to moult into his breeding finery and looks quite smart, as mentioned by Sue and Ian. A few more weeks and he’ll be even more impressive, though sadly he will have likely moved on by then!

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