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Moth and flowers

Whilst exploring the Reserve the other day several of us came across this moth in Upper Sowerholme which has now been identified as a male ‘Drinker’ Euthris potatoria. I know nothing about moths so I am not sure whether this is rare or not but it isn’t in our Collins Book of Moths and Butterflies so it can’t be all that common!

 male 'Drinker' Euthris potatoria moth
 male 'Drinker' Euthris potatoria moth

And, more prosaically, are a few more flowers

Hedge Bindweed on the Pads footpath 12 July

Hedge Bindweed

Meadow Vetchling in the Oak Circle of the Orchard 11th July

Meadow Vetchling

Lords and ladies in the Orchard. About to turn red but the almost always fall over when red so this will have to do for the moment.

Lords and ladies