Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteering session Saturday 12th December 2020

Here is Jonathan’s message

Hello All,


The next Saturday morning volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora takes  place on December 12th at 10.00am.

The Fairfield Association continues to run volunteer sessions under our revised  ‘dispersed group protocol’. Note that Government guidance on the ‘rule of six’ and mixing with other households is quite clear that ‘work or the provision of voluntary or charitable services’ is not restricted but must follow social distancing. This we achieve by:

* Maintaining a 2 metre rule throughout our sessions.

* Limiting work Teams to a maximum of six.

* Teams have staggered start times, keep separate and have separate breaks.

* The meeting place is the Orchard Stump Circle rather than the more confined shed.

In order to facilitate this volunteers must  ‘book in’ with the Volunteer Organiser (Ian) if they plan to attend. To do this please email or text Ian no later than noon Thursday at:

07811 970 595

Ian will then allocate you to a team, a start time and indicate what tools you might bring if you wish to use your own. Please bring your own refreshment.


Tasks for Saturday are:

* Clearing leaves from the track from Sunnyside to the Orchard and all around the shed. Tidying work in the Orchard. Mick will lead this team.

* Pony Wood work. Clearing away rank grass patches in Pony Wood. Removing  an old section of fence. Some sapling planting. Graham to lead this team

* Extracting the brash from the stock fence alongside the Hay Meadow. Ian is to lead this team. If there are not enough to form a full third team –  replacing fallen bird and bat boxes.


Best wishes to you,