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Volunteering Saturday 9th November 2019

Here is Jonathan’s message

Hello All,

There will be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora
this Saturday, November 9th, starting at 10.00am and finishing at 1.00pm
or thereabouts.

If you’re able to attend you can look forward to the following…

* We will start with the annual review of first aid equipment and
arrangements for volunteering sessions.
* We will be trimming the hedge around the electricity sub-station
adjacent to the playground.
* We will test the cleaning material we have acquired to clean mould from
the marquee canvas.
* We continue with the laying of the hedge between the Pads footpath and
the former NACRO section of Flora Field.
* And last but not least, we continue the trimming of the hedge between
the Pads footpath and West Field.

It’s all going on!

Best wishes,


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1 thought on “Volunteering Saturday 9th November 2019”

  1. And here is what we did
    Thirteen volunteers formed the Saturday work group on a cold but dry morning.
    • We continued the clearing of the ponds to maintain clear water.
    • The hedge around the electricity sub-station in the playground was trimmed back as far as we could access it.
    • This generated a considerable amount of brash which was transported to the habitat pile near the shed.
    • Work continued clearing the earth from underneath the toddler’s play area fence.
    • At the break the Volunteer Organiser con ducted the annual review of First Aid arrangements including:
    o The duty First Aider
    o The contents of the First Aid wheelbarrow.
    o Key items in the First Aid box including the tick remover.
    o The defibrillator was checked as OK
    o The sheets with the list if First Aiders and key post codes for emergency services.
    o The list of emergency contact numbers in the Health and safety box.
    o Wearing whistles to signal the need for help.

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