Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer Session Saturday 9th December 2017

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

A couple of items for your attention.

First, there’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and
Flora thIs Saturday morning, starting at 10.00am and finishing at 1.00pm.

Here’s the To Do list for this time:

* Clear leaves from the track between Sunnyside Lane and Orchard.
* Cut and/or dig out sucker saplings and invasive bramble from the Orchard.
* Plant gorse. Fifteen small gorse saplings are on their way and will be
planted in groups near Pony Wood and the Aldcliffe Road gate into Flora
* Some of the saplings in Pony Wood and the extension have been knocked
about by the wind. So we need to repair where there’s been damage.
Hedge trimming along the Pads footpath between the path and the Flora Field.

Second, an update from Mick Short on the Dementia-Friends Induction
Workshop. Over to you, Mick…


The first induction workshop, on 23 November, was attended by 17 FA
members, of whom a very creditable 15 people signed up as Dementia Friends
at the end of the session. Thank you all! The induction lasted about an
hour and was thought by participants to be both informative and fun to do.
Steve Fairclough, a Dementia Champion at the Dukes Playhouse ran the
session for us.

So we have taken our first steps on our way to becoming a
Dementia-Friendly charity. I will organise a couple more induction
workshops early in the new year (I thought that people might be too busy
in the run-up to Christmas!) . So don’t worry if you could not get to the
first session. In the meantime, now that I am a Dementia Friend, I have
signed up for a Dementia Champions induction on 12 December, so that I can
help run our future Dementia Friends inductions and not overload Steve
Fairclough too much.

I will send out more induction invitations in the New Year. In the
meantime, if anyone wants to ask me anything or sign up as an ‘early
bird’, please email me at:  


…Thanks for that Mick.
And that’s about it for this occasion,

Best wishes,


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1 thought on “Volunteer Session Saturday 9th December 2017”

  1. Here’s what we did
    Ten volunteers attended the monthly Saturday session on what was forecast to be a cold but sunny morning. It was cold but distinctly damp with several heavy snow showers. Nevertheless we
    • Planted 7 gorse bushes near the Aldcliffe Road gate into Flora Field.
    • Planted 8 gorse bushes in two groups of four in the Pony Wood extension.
    • Checked the Pony Wood and extension saplings for wind damage and repaired the staking / fastening of those that needed it.
    • Removed now redundant plastic surrounds from the larger saplings and sorted the rubbish from those that could be re-used.
    • Helen staffed a stall by the shed to sell calendars and cards.
    • After huddling in the shed for our break we braved the mini blizzard to clear the leaf debris from the track between Sunnyside Lane and the Orchard.

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