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Volunteer session 14th June

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora this Saturday, June 14th, between 10.00am and 1.00pm.
We meet at the tool shed on the footpath towards Sunnyside Lane, but not to worry if you’re a little late – you’ll have no problem finding us.

Tasks on the agenda for this time include…

* Mow the Orchard paths.

* Clean graffiti from the playground.

* Clear encroaching nettles in the playground in preparation for Fun Day.

* Strim the Orchard area between the main path and the Pads hedge. We are particularly trying to keep the nettles down in this area.

* Cut back and clear further areas of nettles around the fruit trees.

* Prune the hawthorn / blackthorn in the fruit hedge round the Oak circle which are currently overwhelming the soft fruit.
There is also the odd sycamore and elder to get out. In addition, the path is narrowing here so some work is needed cutting back encroaching growth.

* The path from the Stump Circle round the back towards the house is getting narrow and overgrown and should be cleared.

* Trim around benches and stumps.

* Continue to trim the worst overhanging vegetation on the Long Pads path – this is just a trim with shears NOT a pruning which might disturb any birds.

* Plant out some donated water loving plants near Anna’s Pool.

Of special interest to firewood collectors: the gates of the Paddock and Lower Sowerholme fields will be open for firewood collection although the wood in the former is now in large logs which will require sawing up. Note also that the Fairfield Association only allows chain saws on its land if the operator is trained and properly equipped.

And that’s all for now. Please come along if you possibly can,

Best wishes,



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1 thought on “Volunteer session 14th June”

  1. This is what we did
    The Saturday volunteering session attracted 22 volunteers on a lovely summer’s morning.
    • The Orchard paths were mown but this time rather wider as the surrounding vegetation is encroaching.
    • Graffiti was cleaned off the playground equipment using the sander.
    • Encroaching nettles were cut back in the playground in preparation for Fun Day.
    • In the Orchard the area between the main path and the Pads footpath was strimmed back down to the Towneley Close path. The area was raked and cleared.
    • Nettles growing round fruit trees were cut back and the results cleared away.
    • The hawthorn / blackthorn in the fruit hedge was pruned back. Self seeded saplings of elder and sycamore were removed from the hedge. The surrounding path was widened.
    • The path from the stump circle round the back of the Orchard was cleared of encroachment.
    • The benches, stumps and notice boards were cleared of encroaching vegetation.
    Rampant cleavers was cleared from new planting in the Pads hedge.
    • Bullrushes, flag iris and marsh marigold was planted in the wet area near Ana’s Pool.
    • The portable toilet was transported to Tony’s house ready for use on the school visits.
    • The gates of the Paddock and Lower Sowerholme were opened for firewood collection although I don’t think anyone came.

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