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Saturday Sightings

On my last inspection/monitoring walk for a while I came across the following:-

Woodpecker in Pony Wood (heard not seen), Nuthatch in Pony Wood, 7 Teal on Lucy Pond, 1 Brown Hare in Lower Sowerholme, 1 Kingfisher in Upper Sowerholme (a first for me) and another Woodpecker by the shed (heard not seen).

Although not counting, as such, I disturbed 1 Snipe in West Field, 1 Snipe at Willow Pond, at least 12 Snipe in the Hay Meadow and ‘plenty’ of Snipe in Big Meadow.



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1 thought on “Saturday Sightings”

  1. Very interesting view of the kingfisher. When David Morris visited last summer to advise on Upper Sowerholme he heard a kingfisher ( I didn’t hear anything but I’ve probably lost those higher frequencies)

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