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Ringed plover

This is a bit naughty as this sighting was on the pond at the bottom of Aldcliffe Hall Lane but the (3) ringed plovers were lovely and might be heading in the direction of our ponds!


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2 thoughts on “Ringed plover”

  1. Hi – yep, those plovers are really smart aren’t they!
    The first one appeared just over a week ago, and the two ‘new’ ones appeared today (there was still just 1 there yesterday). You may be interested to know that these birds are not actually ringed plover as such, but the much scarcer little ringed plover.
    They are true summer migrants, wintering in Africa and returning to Europe from March onward. They are recent colonisers in Britain having first bred here in the late 1930s, primarily at gravel pits and other man-made habitats.
    Although it’s possible one might drop by at the FAUNA pools, it’s unlikely that they will stick around as heavily vegetated wet areas are not too their liking. However, they have bred in the Aldcliffe area in recent years so it’s worth keeping an eye out at The Flood (my moniker for the pool at Aldcliffe Hall Lane) and at Freeman’s Pools throughout the spring and summer and you will almost certainly see these wonderful little visitors!
    Apologies if that went on a bit!

    • Only just caught up with this. It’s interesting what you say about ‘Little Ringed Plovers’ because when I consulted my ‘bird book’ I thought they may be but the book said that they were only to be found in eastern England. But then the book was printed in circa 1970!

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