Queens Award for Voluntary Service


Today Ian , Tony and Richard of the RSPB braved the cold and wind to put up several new nestboxes. I think that I can remember where we put them!

We have put them in places where they can be observed from the paths – here are some of the locations:

  • There are tit boxes on the ash tree along the path to Cromwell Rd, on the willows alongside Lucy Brook which can be seen from this path east of the ash tree
  • Bat boxes and a nest box near the junction of this path and the N end of the Orchard
  • Additional tit boxes in the orchard itself.

So keep a look out over the coming months for activity and let us know what you see.


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2 thoughts on “Nestboxes”

  1. Well done the team!
    It will be interesting to see how the boxes are used – especially the bat boxes. We’ve had some in the Orchard for years, but although there are plenty of bats around, they have never been interested in the boxes we’ve offered them – they obviously prefer other roosting places which they’ve found for themselves. Maybe the new boxes in different locations will appeal to them.
    Reports please, from anyone who spots any activity!

  2. Situated in the pleasant and tranquil FAUNA Nature Reserve, these desirable residences are now available for occupation. Hand made by local craftsmen, these boxes are well insulated and weatherproof. Ideal for the couple planning to start a family this coming spring.

    Panoramic views across the local habitat with bountiful food supplies just a short flight away.

    Rent free, all we ask of the occupants is that they provide hours of pleasure for the local human residents.

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