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First calf of 2015

The first calf of the year, a heifer named Feame, was born on 25th January. Mother and baby are reported to be doing well. Others should follow soon.

The message from the graziers is that this year’s Mums are all young and it will be their first calf. As a result, they are likely to be extremely protective of their babies. They are unlikely to tolerate approaches from the rest of the herd, let alone people.

So, if you are on the Fauna footpath, you are welcome to stop to watch the calves (who will probably be in the Grammar School Field) and take photographs. But keep back from the fencing – and certainly do not try to climb over or stroke the cows. Do not let dogs bark or children get noisy and excited near them as this will disturb them and there is a risk that the mothers might lunge.

If you spot any problems with the cattle, please phone the graziers on 07720 598492 or call at Edenbreck Cottage (by the bollards at the end of Sunnyside Lane).