Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Triangle Minutes: 3 April 2023

Minutes for the Friends of Aldcliffe Road Triangle meeting held on 3 April 2023.


Dave Brookes, Mike Swan, Jane Swan, Clare Gould, Martin Luke, Gillian Allen, Frances Tordoff


Sheila Bliss

Matters arising

  • Following damage to the irrigation system pipework on the pergola and where it enters the ground, Martin has looked into the cost of protective coverings. It would be expensive to cover all of the pipework on the pergola. It was decided that we should concentrate on the pipework on the post for the time being as that section is the most vulnerable to vandalism. Dave will purchase some replacement pipe and fittings.
  • There has been no progress on arranging a Fair.
  • Dave will look at the lease to check who is responsible for the repair of the chimney. We need to consider how to repair it safely given its position adjacent to the bend on Aldcliffe Road.

Recent developments

The bench has been installed successfully.

Agenda items

Geoff Easton

Attendees at the meeting expressed their sadness at the news of the death of Geoff Easton. Geoff was one of the founder members of this group. He regularly attended meetings and volunteer sessions. We send our condolences to his wife Helen and his family.

There was a discussion about what to plant on the Triangle in memory of Geoff. It was felt that a display of bulbs might be a fitting tribute. Clare will discuss this with Helen.

Raised Beds

The soil in the raised beds needs topping up. Clare will research the best way to do this.


This needs to be pruned.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held at 61 Regent Street on 5th June 2023 at 7.30pm