Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Summary of Flora Field Visits and Finds

Over the past four visits to the site, approximately 6 acres in area, we have found some interesting artefacts and coinage.

The first visit produced some 20 coins, including four from one find spot, two silver sixpences, one half penny and a three penny piece, all of George V. Artefacts found were a bronze skillet leg of the 14th -15th century. Georgian artefacts from the late 1700s, early 1800s, included a, ¼ oz bronze weight, shoe buckle, horse harness buckles and rings and lead weight.

A second visit a few days later turned up more interesting items. Of these the oldest being a groat (4d) of Elizabeth I, circa 1558/60. Three further silver coins found were a George III sixpence, Victoria shilling and a George V sixpence. The artefacts were a, clog/shoe clasp, lead bale seal of Russian origin (St Petersburg) two lead tokens and the first of many musket balls to be found.

Our last two visits have been just as interesting. Finds include, a half groat (2d) of Elizabeth I, a copper alloy Roman coin, possibly 3 rd century AD, this will have to be identified at a later date, and numerous other coinage.

Over the four visits we have found in excess of 100 coins, Roman to modern day (including on the last visit a £1 coin!) I am quite surprised as to the amount of items still being retrieved. I can remember detecting the same fields on a couple of occasions in the early eighties . One artefact found then was a 14th century, bronze vesica seal, now with the Lancaster Museum.

 We have been unable to visit over the past week, not the best of weather for detecting ! The next visit will hopefully be next Tuesday, 18th. If it is fine and anyone would like to try their hand, we will be there from approximately 12am. We are looking forward to the time when the site is put to the plough, this will probably bring even more items to light.

 Ian Sharp