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Wildlife in North Lancashire 2024

The 42nd Annual Magazine of the North Lancashire Wildlife Group (NLWG)

The 2024 issue of NLWG’s annual publication Wildlife in North Lancashire is now available. With 64 pages of reports and articles and over 250 photographs it is a celebration of wildlife in North Lancashire and the surrounding area.

Front cover of Wildlife in North Lancashire 2024

How to get your copy of the latest NLWG Magazine

Local delivery

Copies are still £5 and they can be delivered locally by contacting Chris Workman .

You will need to provide Chris with a name and address including postcode and indicate how you would like to pay.

How to pay

You can pay by cash or bank transfer as long as your name and ’FA’ is on the reference information.

Account details are:

  • LLoyds Bank
  • Sort code 77-26-13
  • Acc no. 34915060

Local pick-up

Alternatively if you are able to collect them from Hilary Short (Whitegates, Sunnyside Close LA1 5NH), they are at available at a reduced price of £3 (minimum)!

What’s in this year’s issue?

North Lancashire Wildlife Group3
News from the Committee3
Trust Reports 2023
Connecting to Nature4
Conservation and Planning6
North Lancashire Reserves Report7
Wildlife Recorders’ Contact List8
Wildlife Reports 2023
Shieldbugs and other True Bugs9
Orthoptera (Bush-crickets, Grasshoppers, and Groundhoppers)14
Beetles and other Invertebrates16
Arachnids (Spiders and Harvestmen)18
Reptiles and Amphibians19
Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies)25
Events 2023
Winter Programme of Indoor Talks39
Identification Workshops39
Wildlife Fair40
Field Meeting Reports 2023
Birdwatching at Aldcliffe Marsh41
Marble Quarry and Thrang Moss42
Wyre Rivers and Lakes, Scorton44
Middleton Nature Reserve45
Carr House Green Common46
Numinous Wyre48
Shieldbug and Ladybird Hunt51
Evening Bat Walk53
Are Window Cleaners Mass Murderers?54
Tree Ringers56
Identifying Wildlife using Apps and Websites – update58
Hermitage Field Community Meadow60
Coralroot Orchid61
Lancaster Canal Terrapins62
A Swarm of Flatworms63
Summer Wildlife Walks Programme 2024Back Cover
The Medfly41
Brimstone Butterfly Caterpillars43
Sabre Wasp50
NLWG Membership53
NLWG Library63