Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Fairfield Playground Fundraiser!

Fairfield Playground has been well-used for years – now it’s time to give it back some love! It’s the hub of the community, but having been enjoyed by generations, it’s reaching the point where it will soon be condemned.

We’ve already raised £35,500, but we’re still £14,000 short of being able to complete the project.

Let’s not only save this well-loved community space but also make it an area we can all be proud of. Watch our YouTube video to hear people explaining why it means so much to them and what we’re hoping to do.

Have a look at the flyer to find out how you can contribute to our fundraising effort or go straight to the Fairfield Online Shop to pick an item from the playground shopping list.

If you’d prefer to just make a donation and don’t need a Gift Certificate, please use our Charity donation page.