Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Volunteer session 13th July 2013

Only five volunteers attended the monthly volunteer session on a hot and sunny morning.

  1. We mowed all the grass paths in the Orchard.
  2. We strimmed the area in front of the fruit hedge to allow access to the fruit bushes.
  3. We also strimmed around the log slices as a party of children are coming next week.
  4. Graffiti was sanded from a bench on the Fauna path but unfortunately the battery ran out before the job was complete. I hope this means it was not fully charged but we will have to experiment.
  5. Overhanging branches were pruned back on the lane to Edenbreck Cottage and throughout the Orchard
  6. Grass around the stumps was trimmed.
  7. Ragwort was g dug out from the Paddock, not nearly as much as I had hoped.

So a productive morning despite shortage of people.