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Shelduck and cowslip

Two shelduck swimming on School Pond this morning. Also a cowslip in the Hay Meadow, towards the southern … Read More

Shell duck

Two shell duck observed on School Pond on the afternoon of 19th April.


At least four this morning in the LGGS Field. On the brow of the hill, so very clear … Read More

Shelduck on School Pond

Is it a shelduck? No! It is a sheldrake (see red knob on beak)! This bird was briefly … Read More


Posting on behalf of Graham. In addition to the lapwings, he noticed a pair of shelduck in Flora … Read More

Shell duck

Not only a couple of oyster catchers in the Arable Field this afternoon but a shell duck. It … Read More

Three birds beginning with S

Early this morning: Other birds spotted in the area over the past week or so:Canada GooseShelduckMallardPheasantGrey HeronSparrowhawkBuzzardMoorhenBlack-headed GullHerring … Read More