Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Lesser Whitethroat

A lesser whitethroat with fledglings was in the hedge by Long Pads …

Nomada Flava

Phil Hendry took this lovely photo of a cuckoo bee on the margin of the Long Pads – … Read More

Sparrow hawk

Sparrowhawk hunting along the Longs Pads footpath this afternoon. Flying low between the hedgerows and bobbing up to … Read More

Sights and sounds

I saw a fox crossing the West Field this morning and then heard a very noisy woodpecker in … Read More

Linnets & Teal

I saw a treeful of linnets (is that the collective noun for them <g>) along the long pads … Read More


Whilst walking on the Long Pads footpath this afternoon we saw a flock of 20 and more birds. … Read More

Early evening stroll

Whilst it was still bright and sunny, we wandered round the boundaries of the nature reserve early yesterday … Read More


Spotted on the edge of the Long Pads path, just north of the concrete wall. I shifted it … Read More


Hedgehog seen shuffling down Big Meadow parallel to the Pads footpath on the afternoon of 22nd November