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March Flush Count

Here is the tally of birds seen at the March (and final) snipe flush.

Teal in Cromwell Pond

There were 7 teal in Cromwell Pond this afternoon. Steve

Hay Meadow snipe

Group of three snipe observed this morning in one of the scythed rides behind Cromwell’s Pond. Just sitting there … Read More

Magpie and Kestrel

As we walked home after this morning’s hedging work, we saw a kestrel flying above Cromwell’s Pond. It … Read More

Water rail & redwings

A small group of redwing were feeding in hawthorns near Carr House Meadow this morning and a water rail was calling … Read More


There was a heron poking about in Cromwell’s Pond again this morning. Just as I got hold of … Read More

Bird records

On 3rd November a Perigrine Falcon flew low near Cromwell Pool. This may be a new record for … Read More


A couple of goldfinch were busy this morning looking for nesting materials in the Lucy Brook hedgerow (down … Read More