Nests and birds

Whilst hedge laying yesterday in the east hedge of West Field we came upon our first birds’ nests in over 150 metres of laying – and three of them!

Photos below.

We also saw an oystercatcher take off from the field and a flock of lapwings circling the field – I guesstimate 40 or so


Shell duck

Not only a couple of oyster catchers in the Arable Field this afternoon but a shell duck. It was sitting, whether on anything but earth I could not tell

Mystery bird

Paul and I were struggling to identify a bird in Flora Field on Sunday evening. It was down on the ground on the Aldcliffe Road side and we wondered whether it was on a nest. It was about a third of the way down the hill from Pony Wood, and slightly towards the north end of the wood. The easiest guide to its location is that it was just to the left of a rectangle of bare earth. (Assuming, of course, that it is still there!)

Long straight beak (red?), dark head and then quite a bit of visible white. We wondered whether it was the mate to the oystercatcher that was wandering around, but it seemed to have too much white.

Anyone else seen it?