Deer and more

This morning (approx 6am) two roe deer emerged from the bottom of Pony Wood, crossed the farm track and ran up through the field towards Aldcliffe. Haven’t seen deer there for months. Also 8 shelducks in West Field and a hare in Flora Field


Saw a sparrowhawk in the allotments this morning with a small bird squealing in its talons. It then got chased off over Edenbreck Farm Cottage by a magpie (with squealing prey still firmly gripped in its talons)

Dead Mice – fox?

This morning on the new path around Pony Wood there were 4 separate dead mice. There are also some clumps of red brown fur which may be the result of a fox moult. Is it likely that a fox would kill but not eat or take mice?


This morning around 7.30 whilst walking the dog in the orchard I heard an unusual squawking and looked up to see a parakeet flying by. It came from Edenbreck direction and flew quite directly in the direction of the canal

West Field pond – 3 years apart

81DDC10F-8565-44FC-A866-27901014B273 11153305-34A0-4233-890D-904BFB6B44C1this morning when walking the dog I took a photo of the pond (not something I usually do!). Then later I logged on to Facebook and it showed me ‘memories’ from Feb 11th. By bizarre coincidence 3 years ago I took and posted a photo of the pond!

Photos attached. The pink sky one was today, the other Feb 11 2016