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Shell duck and roe deer

On Monday afternoon we saw two shell duck in the West Field wetland and a couple of roe deer peeping out of Upper Sowerholme toward the Fauna path.

Did anyone record the row deer we disturbed last Saturday whilst sowing the Flora Field seed margin? It ran out of Pony Wood and across the ploughed field and into Lower Sowerholme.

Working in Flora Field

The edge of the arable field that runs along the boundary with Lower Sowerholme is being managed as a floristically-enhanced grass margin. As required by Natural England, we are in the process of giving it the second cut of the year (to reduce the fertility and competition from less-desirable grasses) and are experimenting by doing it with scythes. Not an easy scything job, but about 30m achieved this morning and the top of hill is encouragingly closer. Whilst walking in to do the work, Paul disturbed a snipe in the stubble. Up near the brow of the hill. Taking an opportunity to keep its feet dry? Certainly very wet elsewhere: our work spot gave really good views of the extensive scrape that has developed in West Field.

Stoat, starlings and linnets

Last Wednesday (8th February) as the Hedge Working Party past Little Wood we saw a stoat dart across the wood.

Today (11th Feb) we saw a biggish group of starlings adjacent to West Field. I would say a couple of hundred. Also a flock of linnets in the tree adjacent to the Pads footpath.

Oh and a moorhen in Big Meadow next to the Fauna path