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Flora Field


The field by the Long Pads looked lovely in the sun on Friday, with the bird seed mix – mustard, folder radish and phacelia in full bloom and corn marigold, corn chamomile, cornflowers and poppies mixed in with the crop . Clouds of white ( mainly green veined white) butterflies with meadow browns, and further round a peacock and a gatekeeper. At the top of the hill by Pony Wood we startled a female roe deer hiding in the wheat. A second ( possibly the juvenile) at first tried to hide – we could see the top of its head – then decided to bound off as well. A truly magical afternoon.



Wildlife whilst hedging

The Hedge Working Party met yesterday. One of us observed a small flock of field fare in West Field on the way to meet the group. A member of the public reported seeing a stoat on the track near the treble gates and we disturbed a heron in Flora Field as we approached our hedge.

A couple of new flowers

Whilst undertaking the wildflower survey today we noted a couple of flowers not recorded on the Reserve before:

Common cat’s-ear in the Hay Meadow


Greater Knapweed which id the predominant wildflower now growing in the Flora Field wildflower margin.


Sorry if these photos are ‘sideways on’, the software seems to have a mind of its own when inserting photos taken with my camera!

October flush count

Our first foray of the winter through the marshes this morning raised a total of 7 snipe: one in each of the Hay Meadow, School Pond and Flora Field, and a further four in Big Meadow. Small numbers, but still more than the past two years at this early part of the season. Extra sightings were a jay in the Hay Meadow, a kestrel over Lower Sowerholme and a wren in Upper Sowerholme.