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Butterfly and flowers

I am not good on butterflies but the Bio-Blitz people assure me this is a comma.


The fodder radish has been in flower in the Flora margin all summer but I don’t think I have recorded it. This will be a mainstay for winter birds.


Also in the wildflower margin I noticed our first poppy.



Rather less glamorous is the common fleabane in Big Meadow


Flowers and other wildlife

A fresh range of flowers to report: Plenty of rosebay willowherb about and also the rather less common great willowherb. There are examples of purple loosestrife in both the Orchard and Big Meadow. Also in Big Meadow are specimens of slender speedwell. In Upper Sowerholme and the Orchard there are honeysuckle and wild angelica. Down the Pads footpath are lords and ladies coming to the end of their season.

In the wildflower photo gallery a flower is labelled as Deadly Nightshade. A colleague thinks this is a mistake and it should be Woody Nightshade or Bittersweet. I will correct this when I have time!

We have seen a song thrush on several occasions near the north entrance to the Orchard, yesterday it was bashing a snail on a stone to get at the meaty bit.

The illustrated buttferfly is very common at the moment. I am not good on butterflies, a colleague thinks it may be meadow brown.20140709_100607