Saturday Sightings

On my last inspection/monitoring walk for a while I came across the following:-

Woodpecker in Pony Wood (heard not seen), Nuthatch in Pony Wood, 7 Teal on Lucy Pond, 1 Brown Hare in Lower Sowerholme, 1 Kingfisher in Upper Sowerholme (a first for me) and another Woodpecker by the shed (heard not seen).

Although not counting, as such, I disturbed 1 Snipe in West Field, 1 Snipe at Willow Pond, at least 12 Snipe in the Hay Meadow and ‘plenty’ of Snipe in Big Meadow.


One thought on “Saturday Sightings

  1. Nieduszynska

    Very interesting view of the kingfisher. When David Morris visited last summer to advise on Upper Sowerholme he heard a kingfisher ( I didn’t hear anything but I’ve probably lost those higher frequencies)

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