Volunteer session Saturday 13th August 2016

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora this
Saturday morning, August 13th, starting fresh as a daisy at 10.00am and
finishing exhausted and a bit stinky at 1.00pm. Please come along if you
possibly can for as long as you can manage.

Items on the agenda for this occasion:

* Digging out and cutting back the remaining bramble along the Fauna path.
* Clearing around the new hedge saplings being overwhelmed by surrounding
vegetation down the Pads footpath.
* Digging out any remaining ragwort.
* Clearing around the shed, especially alongside the fence with Fraser’s
* Checking the shed roof and preparing it to receive the protecting net at
the end of the month.
* Clearing vegetation enveloping shrubs such as broom in the Orchard.

And that’s it for this occasion.

Best wishes,

One thought on “Volunteer session Saturday 13th August 2016

  1. Drip Post author

    Here’s what we did
    The session attracted 17 volunteers on a disappointingly overcast and damp morning. This included 4 members of the playground engineering group who installed a replacement balancing beam. The rest of us:
    • Cleared around the new hedge saplings along the Pads footpath clearing enveloping vegetation.
    • Dug out ragwort from part of the Big Meadow. More to do.
    • Noted that the shed roof is in good condition and the fixing of a protective net at the end of the month should be reasonably straightforward.
    • Cut back vegetation around the shed especially underneath the fence bounding Fraser’s garden.
    • Posted our signs on the fruit trees asking people not to pick the fruit until ripe.
    • Reinstated a post alongside one of the new apple trees.
    • Cut back vegetation encroaching on the green paths in the Orchard.
    • Cleared bindweed from around the broom shrubs.
    • Checked and pruned the apple trees.
    • Cut back the hedges in front of the Orchard benches to reinstate vistas across the Big Meadow.

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