Fieldfare and Mr Fox

Yesterday (2/2/2016) we saw 9 fieldfare in Big Meadow at about 3.45pm. About an hour later, they’d moved to the next field along, the corner field which has the Long Pads footpath running around 2 sides of it (not sure of its name).

And for any poultry owners out there – be alert! While driving towards Cannon Hill from town last night, we saw a fox cross the road in front of us, carrying, ahem, a chicken in its mouth. Not one of ours, thankfully. The fox was heading in the direction of Fairfield Nature Reserve….

2 thoughts on “Fieldfare and Mr Fox

    1. Nieduszynska

      Great that you saw Field Fare in the reserve (the field is called Lower Sowerholme). We saw 5 on the Drumlins recently. Apologies to poultry owners but I would rather the fox has a domestic fowl than a snipe!

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