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Volunteering Wednesday evening 26th August

Here is Jonathan’s message

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora this
Wednesday evening, August 26th, commencing at 6.30pm and finishing either
when it becomes too dark to carry on or when all the work is finished.
Just my little joke, of course – the work, as we all know, is never

If you’re able to come along, here are some of the tasks to look forward to:

* Clear sycamore saplings from the Shed roof.
* Strim the nettles around the toddler playground.
* Strim the areas around fruit trees in the  Orchard we hand cleared last
time. Possibly mow them.
* Mow the new areas strimmed and mown last time.
* Cut nettles back around the south Orchard notice board.
* Continue taking brambles out from along the Fauna path.
* Continue removing thistles from Lower Sowerholme.

And that’s all there is to it.

Best wishes,

Deer, birds and flowers

Three sightings of roe deer today, two very definite ones of a single deer running through Lower Sowerholme and then later in the Flora Field heading into Pony Wood. The third sighting of two deer between Lower Sowerholme and Flora Field rather more certain.

Whilst in the Big Meadow Bog ragworting we put up a couple of snipe.

Two new flowers to report. First water mint in Lower Sowerholme


And finally, now that the haymaking has finished we can report Common Spotted Orchid in the Hay Meadow. About 20 of them in total but we didn’t want to encourage people climbing the gates by announcing them earlier. This photo is from 22nd June.


Volunteering Saturday 8th August

Here is Jonathan’s message:

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session in Fairfield Orchard, Flora and Fauna this
Saturday, August 8th, commencing at a convivial 10.00am and finishing at
an equally welcome 1.00pm or thereabouts.
Please come along for all or some of that time if you are possibly able to
do so.

Activities you may well find yourself persuing include…

* Clearing up the remnants of the scythed grass around the Fauna stones.
* Cutting back vegetation around the benches along the Pads footpath,
protruding onto the Orchard grass paths and around the notice boards.
* Weeding the wildflower bed adjacent to the stump circle to remove
bramble and self seeded thorn.
* Continuing to clear the vegetation growing around the fruit trees.
* Checking out and trimming the Pads footpath to keep it clear.
* Running the mower along the edge of the Fauna path to keep it clear.
* Repairing the gap someone has made in the Pads / Orchard hedge.
* Trimming back encroaching bramble along the Fauna path.
* Putting the ‘Don’t pick too early’ signs on the apple trees.

And finally, if you’re the proud owner of a battery powered leaf vacuum
and have always fancied a go on the Tool Shed roof, so to speak, then this
is your big chance.
As you’ll doubtless be aware, the green roof of the Tool Shed lies
directly below a sycamore which is currently cascading seeds.
A stitch in time, or in a our case, a vacuum in time could save ourselves
a lot more work later along the line.
So if you’re willing to either lend the Association your leaf vacuum, or
better still, come and show off your cool skillz in person, we’d be
tremendously grateful.

And that would quite literally appear to be your lot for this time,

Best wishes,