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Viper’s bugloss


A lovely collection of wild flowers in front of the Fauna Stones at the moment including red campion, ox-eye daisy and viper’s bugloss. These seeds were sown over a year ago and very little happened last year but patience is rewarded. Perhaps we might let the ragwort in among it flower (but not seed!).

Janet’s Photos

Hi all

Just to say that I’ve set Janet up with her own album on the Fairfield Picasa gallery. You can view some of the recent lovely photos she’s taken in the Orchard, Fauna and Flora at:

or use the Picasa link on the main FA site ‘toolbar’ (top-right of screen below the header graphic).

Thanks Janet!

Beaver Scout Visit

Our local 13th Beavers visited the Fairfield Nature Reserve on the weekend of 8/9th June. The group were overnight ‘camping’ in their HQ and came to visit on Saturday afternoon and again on the Sunday. Surprisingly, they were still full of beans on this morning after their night’s camp!

The weather was warm and sunny and just ideal for spotting lots of wildlife.


On Saturday the Beavers went on a sensory exploration of the reserve looking for textures, shapes and colours. This was followed by a well deserved cool drink and snack.

The children then set about a technology task in which they had to find their own way around the orchard using iPods and QR-codes, part of activities needed to complete their IT badge.

The afternoon finished with a wildlife game and another IT activity, before tired little Beavers left for their HQ and a fish and chip supper. Yummy!

On Sunday morning, using binoculars provided by the Fairfield Association, the group went birdwatching around the reserve. Lots of birds to be seen. After looking at some old bird nests, the morning at the Orchard finished with an active ‘bird’ game. The Beavers then took part in follow-up IT activities at their Scout Hut, using photos and videos they had taken in the Orchard to create their own PowerPoint presentations.

A very busy 24 hours, happy Beavers and badges earned!

Tony Finn


Living on the leaves in the wet area of the orchard

Living on the leaves in the wet area of the orchard

Across to FaunaHi my name is Janet and I shall be spending time around the Fauna, Flora and Orchard areas as well as the newly acquired areas to photograph the seasonal changes and wildlife that I find there, I hope you like what I post and if you need anything in particular photographing then, time permitting, I will try my best..

Volunteer session 8th June

13 local volunteers were joined by 17 students from Green Lancaster on a beautiful summer’s morning.

1. The grass was mown
2. The area around the logs hosting ‘mini-beasts’ was strimmed
3. The area surrounding the orienteering position was cleared by slashing back the nettles and other growth.
2. and 3. Were in reparation for the visit of a troupe of Beavers in the afternoon.
4. A litter pick around some of the Flora field hedges was undertaken. The litter was bagged and barrowed back to the Storage Building.
5. The plastic protectors around the now maturing hedge north-east of the Big Ash on the Fauna footpath were removed, bagged and barrowed back to the Storage Building
6. Excess vegetation around the new saplings at the north end of the Pads footpath was removed.
7. Native wild flower plants were planted as follows:
a. Under the Millenium Oak: Primroses, Wild strawberries, Cicely, Betony and Salad burnett
b. Under the large ash tree on the Fauna footpath: Ransoms (wild garlic)
c. At the boggy side of the Hay Meadow, east of the middle gate: Common valerium, Meadowsweet
All watered in.
Tools and equipment were returned to the Storage Building and packed away – a far easier task now than in the past.

Forgot to mention – routine pruning of the apple trees continued along with consideration of the canker problem.