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Red Mason Bees

Good numbers of red mason bees, the species that are attracted to cardboard tubes for nesting, feeding on gooseberry flowers near the Millennium Oak. There were also a number of solitary wasp species on the flowers.


Fairfield volunteering Saturday 10th April 2021

Here is Jonathan’s message

Hello All,
The Fairfield Association’s monthly Saturday volunteer sessions will resume on April 10th using social distancing to maintain safety.
People will work in teams of up to six and there will be staggered start times. Volunteers must maintain two metre distance at all times.
The meeting place will be the Orchard stump circle and not the shed.
To facilitate this we need to know the numbers planning to attend. Please could you let Ian Procter know by noon, Thursday 8th April.
Ian will then allocate people to teams and start times and inform volunteers no later than noon on Friday.
Ian can be contacted via email, like so:
Or you can contact him via the miracle of modern telephony over at the Volunteer Co-ordination Helpdesk, which is: 07811 970595
We have two main jobs on the Saturday:
* Burning the brash stored alongside the Fauna path.
* Moving brash into the ‘wild’ section of the Orchard to block the recently much overused path. This will once again preserve the area for wildlife.
Very best wishes,

Enabling larger versions of images

Thanks to all who have posted recently – wonderful to read about your sightings and to see your photos!

For anyone posting images, if you’d like visitors to see larger versions of your images, just select ‘Media file’ in the ‘Link to’ dropdown menu when you’re adding the image to your post (click screenshot below to see where this is and the ‘back’ button on your browser to return to the blog):


Lunch-time at the Table

A buzz at the table today. Chaffinch and reed bunting ( Dan counted 26 at least!) and linnets (20) coming down from the trees either side of the double gates to feed on seed scattered on the ground. Recent cold weather seems to have made them all hungry. A stoat, presumably the one recorded by Christine,came out of the Long Pads hedge and ran across in front of us, crossed the Pony Wood path and disappeared into Little Wood, to the delight of the small boy who had been helping scatter the seeds.



While I was putting out the duck nesting platforms this morning I disturbed a kingfisher in Upper Sowerholme.

Earlier in the morning, on my bike ride, I saw a barn owl at Glasson Dock.


Fairfield group volunteering

Here is Jonathan’s mesage

Hello All,

The Fairfield Saturday volunteering session which was scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 13th, is cancelled.
Given the current national lockdown, the Association has suspended group volunteering so the session will not take place. We plan to review the situation in early March.

In the meantime, Ian has requested that I pass on his best wishes to all our volunteers and hope that you all keep safe and well. To which I’d like to add, as I believe the young people say nowadays, “Same.”

Until next time,