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While I was putting out the duck nesting platforms this morning I disturbed a kingfisher in Upper Sowerholme.

Earlier in the morning, on my bike ride, I saw a barn owl at Glasson Dock.


School Pond – New plant growth?

Went to take a couple of pictures of school pond whilst it is totally dry.  Was surprised to find what I thought was grass growing (when looking from the FAUNA path) is something different.  It appears to be some sort of lush, soft plant but I haven’t a clue what it might be.  Anybody got any ideas?


School Pond, plant growth School Pond showing cracks in mud

Saturday Sightings

On my last inspection/monitoring walk for a while I came across the following:-

Woodpecker in Pony Wood (heard not seen), Nuthatch in Pony Wood, 7 Teal on Lucy Pond, 1 Brown Hare in Lower Sowerholme, 1 Kingfisher in Upper Sowerholme (a first for me) and another Woodpecker by the shed (heard not seen).

Although not counting, as such, I disturbed 1 Snipe in West Field, 1 Snipe at Willow Pond, at least 12 Snipe in the Hay Meadow and ‘plenty’ of Snipe in Big Meadow.



On a quick walk around the reserve, yesterday, it was pleasing to see at least 4 lapwings in FLORA field and even more pleasing to see two lapwings feeding in the mud at the edge of Grammar School pond later.

New Calf

Another new calf, born either yesterday or this morning.  Both mother and calf well and judging by the size of mother’s udder the calf should thrive!  Also a brown hare in Pony Wood, two  Lapwings and one Oyster catcher in FLORA field.

A Herd of Deer?

What number constitutes a herd? Disturbed two deer in Upper Sowerholme this morning. However, by the time I came round into the Hay Meadow, numbers had grown to three, running around Big Meadow. They then crossed Lucy Brook into Lower Sowerholme and were headed towards Flora Field.

Deer and Fox

Deer and Fox!!

On a quick walk round the reserve this morning, there was a fox in Lower Sowerholme and the Roe Deer in Upper Sowerholme – looked like the one Ian photographed yesterday.

The fox was heading back to Upper Sowerholme so I went to have a look and it clearly has a den in the thick brambles – clear runs and lots of feathers. Not such good news for the ground nesting birds!