While I was putting out the duck nesting platforms this morning I disturbed a kingfisher in Upper Sowerholme.

Earlier in the morning, on my bike ride, I saw a barn owl at Glasson Dock.


Pheasants and Hare

A walk around the Reserve this morning  gave us the opportunity to see teal on School Pond and 11 magpie nearby.

But passing Flora field we noticed a pair of hare. After scattering birdseed for the linnets, I noticed a pair of male pheasants fighting it out.



The hare was too fast for me but I have a poor photo below.


It is nice to see the activities leading to spring.


Fairfield group volunteering

Here is Jonathan’s mesage

Hello All,

The Fairfield Saturday volunteering session which was scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 13th, is cancelled.
Given the current national lockdown, the Association has suspended group volunteering so the session will not take place. We plan to review the situation in early March.

In the meantime, Ian has requested that I pass on his best wishes to all our volunteers and hope that you all keep safe and well. To which I’d like to add, as I believe the young people say nowadays, “Same.”

Until next time,

Nest Boxes

Today, we finished emptying out and surveying all the bird boxes in the Reserve.


This photo shows eggs from two boxes. The smaller ones from a blue tit and the larger from a great tit.