Good News and Bad

First the bad news: a passer-by told us that last week he had seen a dead hare by the entrance to Aldcliffe Hall  Lane – presumed road kill. More cheering, cornflowers, corn marigold and corn chamomile reappearing in the arable field.

Stoat and comma

Yesterday afternoon from the triple gates we saw a stoat jumping around in the edge of the stubble in Flora Field, before running off along the edge of the wildflower margin on the Pony Wood side. A little further on on the Pads a Comma was enjoying the sunshine.


Volunteer session Saturday 10th September 2016

Here is Jonathan’s message@

Greetings All,

There’ll be a volunteer session at Fairfield Orchard, Fauna and Flora this
Saturday, September 10th, starting at 10.00am and finishing at around
The session will be led on this occasion by Mick Short who is more than

On the agenda:

Weed and tidy the wildflower plot, trimming back the overhanging grass.
(N.B. the four plants that flowered this summer were all annuals and will
have shed seed. Hopefully if we give them a chance by keeping the
competition at bay they will come again.)

Cut back and dig out the bramble overhanging the Fauna path.

Cut back and dig out the bramble overhanging in Carr House Meadow (between
the Meadow and the Gun Range).

The vista viewpoints opposite the Orchard benches have been cut back but
need lowering a little more.

The Alder Pond bund needs strengthening especially on its western end.

Cut back self seeded saplings throughout the Orchard.

And that’s your lot for now,

Best wishes,