A few more flowers

A few more flowers observed this afternoon. The first two may be garden escapees but to me they are certainly flowers and ‘in the wild’!

Mallow near Lucy Brook



Californian poppy near Lucy Brook


Spear thistle by the Pads footpath


Cleavers in the Orchard


Red dead nettle in the Orchard


Volunteer evening 24th June

Once again a late posting of what we set out to do:

Hello everyone,

 Apologies if this is a duplicate, I have had problems sending out batch emails.
Jonathan is on holiday so this reminder of the FA volunteer evening on Wednesday 24th June is coming from me. We will meet from 6.30pm at the Storage Building although come along a little later if you need to get your tea.
Our tasks are:
The priority job is to erect a fence in the Hay Meadow to prevent cattle straying into Upper Sowerholme after haymaking. (By the way the haymaking is booked in for the first suitable weather window after July 15th).
We also have some bits and pieces left over from last time:
* Secure lid of box box 4
* Remove alien bamboo from Orchard
* Clear pile of nettle debris from near Towneley path
Then the grass and nettles are enveloping the broom and gorse and need cutting back.
In addition one of our chainsaw qualified volunteers is coming equipped and clothed to cut some new insect logs so we will need a safety banksman to accompany this job.
So, something for all talents and abilities.
Please try to come along.
Don’t forget the Carr House Farm Open Garden next weekend (27th and 28th). We are still looking for helpers to staff the refreshment stall during the afternoons and people to put up and take down our our tents and equipment Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. If you can help contact Andrew Brennand at brennand@gmail.com.
ian procter (FA volunteer organiser)

Some more flowers

Here are some more flowers observed today

Honeysuckle (Hay meadow / Upper Sowerholme boundary)


Water Cress in same location


And woody nightshade




Moving from the boundary into the field which teems with yellow rattle


And to a different location – the hedge between the Paddock and the allotments for foxgloves


Bullfinches and Greater Spotted Woodpeckers (The Sequel)




These male and female bullfinches visited our feeder yesterday and this morning, but were frightened off by an arrival!


This female greater spotted woodpecker (no red on head) fed heavily on peanuts.

But, who is this?


This is a young male greater spotted woodpecker on an apple tree – so finally we do have a male around!




The young woodpecker was being fed by mum, but did some feeding on his own as well.



Spotted 13 June 2015. I believe these are quite common here but it was my first sighting. Sitting in the grass near the allotments.GoldFinch
Not long after we spotted the kestrel.