Visits & Activities

The Fairfield Millennium Green, or ‘Orchard’ as it is often known, is situated within easy and safe walking distance of our local schools and nurseries. The site covers some 2 acres (0.8 Ha), is bounded by hedgerow and is an environment in which children can work in safety. The site is level with accessible paths, a few benches and a log circle as a place to base activities or take a well deserved break.

The Orchard has a variety of habitat areas including short and long grass, hedgerows, wild areas and mature trees. Native tree species include ash, oak, sycamore, hawthorn, lime and willow.

Common wild flowers and shrubs such as, hedge parsley, pink campion, meadowsweet blackthorn attract butterflies and other invertebrates. The mixed habitat provides home and food for at least 30 of our common and not so common birds, including summer migrants such as swift and chiff chaff.

As the name suggests, there is a wide selection of fruit trees ranging from apples, pears and plums to more unusual medlar. In late April/early May the trees are resplendent in their covering of scented blossom.

You and your school are very welcome to use the Orchard whenever you wish. We are already working with local schools in the area, and can, in partnership with local providers of specialist education tuition, help you to plan and/or deliver teaching sessions, themes and projects.

Some of the KS1 and KS2 curriculum areas for which the Orchard is ideally suited are Science and Environment, Geography and Community studies, Art, Literacy and Local Studies and Citizenship. The Orchard is also an ideal setting for those early year explorations and activities for pre-schoolers, including a first look at nature and, of course, sunny summer picnics!

If you are interested in coming to the Orchard for an educational visit, please visit the main Learning Zone area of the website for details of resources that can be be loaned for your visit (e.g. mini-beast collecting jars, nets, identification charts), downloadable Activity Sheets and further details on how to make the most of your visit.