Wildlife sightings

Whilst marking out the beetle banks ready for the ploughman yesterday I put up a snipe from the marshy area alongside Aldcliffe Road and then disturbed a brown hare which ran off across the Flora Field.

On my way home a song thrush was serenading the Orchard from the trees by the Towneley Close entrance.

Teal and thrush

Three teal on Alder Pond this morning, plus a song thrush in the Orchard.

Also, I have been meaning to report that the Hedge Working Party observed a hare in Lower Sowerholme on 25th January.


A song thrush in the Big Meadow today and up above a single soaring swift.  A pair of other birds displaying over the Meadow with their distinctive calls.

Thrush and geese

Part of the large flock of geese currently feeding on the hills adjacent to West Field actually crossed the boundary and explored West Field for a short time this afternoon. They do seem to regard the hedge as a rigid boundary (my own amateur theory is that the hills are heavily manured and thus have new grass shoots) but perhaps this little foray will lead to more extensive occupation.

Also yesterday I saw two song thrushes flying from the Pads footpath across Big Meadow to the hedgerow near Lucy Brook. I believe it’s some time since anyone has seen thrushes.