Excellent results

Yesterday’s flush count was most satisfying: the second highest monthly number of snipe since the counts started in January 2013 and a new record for Big Meadow. A slow start with 3 in the Hay Meadow and 6 in School Pond, where the whole area was awash. But in Big Meadow, they were flying up in groups. 110 counted, eleven of them jacks. Add in the one seen earlier by Graham on his walk-through in Lower Sowerholme gives a total of 120. Now well ahead of the measly score for the whole of last winter.

Snipe were not the only highlight. Meadow pipit were seen in Big Meadow and School Pond, where a scurrying vole was almost trod on. We also saw the curlew spotted by Christine. It was feeding in the southern end of Big Meadow and then moved to the Willow Pond area of Lower Sowerholme. A male peregrine flew westwards over Big Meadow.

On the more grizzly side, but evidence of wildlife presence, there was a mallard skull in Big Meadow, a skinned hedgehog in School Pond and some dried out frog spawn on the grass in the Hay Meadow.



Some members of Fairfield Association and North Lancashire Wildlife Group met yesterday evening for a Lichen, Moss and Invertebrate Walk. It was a warm and still evening – perfect for being out and enjoying the wildlife. Although not a lichen, moss or an invertebrate one of the highlights was seeing a hedgehog right next to Alder Pond. It was quite aware of us but was not inclined to rush off so we took a few photos.



Spotted on the edge of the Long Pads path, just north of the concrete wall. I shifted it into the hedge on the West Field side to keep it out of harm’s way. Probably a good job as a man on a mobility scooter came past shortly afterwards.