Birds this morning

At this morning’s WWG we noticed

Two greylag geese on Alder Pond

A kestrel around Pony Wood

Quite a few goldfinches in the Orchard and fields.

A dunnock singing to us as we left the shed

On display this evening

Highlights of a brief walk around the reserve boundaries this evening were:

  • a lapwing enjoying the muddy area in Flora Field that has been created by the leak from the damaged water pipe
  • a hare on the west side of Flora Field about 20 metres from the Long Pads path
  • a cluster of starlings in the old alder tree in Big Meadow
  • a goldfinch singing in a tree by the footpath bend near School Pond


Birds, flowers and calf number 4

Two thrush in the Paddock again this morning. Sightings of a wren and a goldfinch in the Orchard.

Daffodil and celandine to add to this year’s list of flowers in the Nature Reserve

The fourth of this year’s calves was born this morning, a white heifer. Calf and mother reported as both doing well.


A couple of very smart looking goldfinch on the Lucy Brook side of the Hay Meadow marsh this morning. They were flying down from the bushes to land precariously on the stems of plants/grasses at the edge of the marsh. (Beyond my expertise unfortunately to identify what they were visiting!) Quite comical to see the stem sway and bend furiously with the weight and the bird flapping its wings to maintain balance. Then, once stable, they proceeded to tuck into the ‘flowering’ top of the plant.


Three (possibly four) male teal on School Pond this afternoon along with two or three other birds, presumably the females.

Also, pair of pied wagtails in Big Meadow and two wrens flitting around the Grammar School field hedge


A couple of goldfinch were busy this morning looking for nesting materials in the Lucy Brook hedgerow (down from the Cromwell Road gate). The heron made another brief visit to Cromwell’s Pond.

Bird box activity

Lots of bird activity around the ash tree at the Fauna / Orchard crossroads this afternoon including blue tits exploring the tit box on the ash. Goldfinch also there.