Deer, Linnets and a Barn Owl

Recent sightings from Michael:

05/01: This morning at 10am I saw 3 small deer emerge from the trees near the corner of the Fauna path. They wandered along that Sowerholme field (I think that’s what it’s called!) then jumped over the fence/hedge into Flora Field. They then wandered up to Pony Wood for a bit then returned back to where they came from. Later (about 4pm) one of them was out again in that Sowerholme field (again, not sure what it’s called!)

I also saw a load of linnets in flora field yesterday (Friday) afternoon.

12/01: just seen a barn owl flying around Pony Wood (8am)

Thanks Michael!

Roe Deer

Roe Deer – Hay Meadow just past School Pond

Call from my partner 10.30am Friday morning as she was walking along the Fauna Path towards Cromwell Road.  She had a close encounter with a Roe Deer (within 6 feet).

Deer was spotted in the Hay Meadow (just after the School Pond turning), close to the path fence.