Working in Flora Field

The edge of the arable field that runs along the boundary with Lower Sowerholme is being managed as a floristically-enhanced grass margin. As required by Natural England, we are in the process of giving it the second cut of the year (to reduce the fertility and competition from less-desirable grasses) and are experimenting by doing it with scythes. Not an easy scything job, but about 30m achieved this morning and the top of hill is encouragingly closer. Whilst walking in to do the work, Paul disturbed a snipe in the stubble. Up near the brow of the hill. Taking an opportunity to keep its feet dry? Certainly very wet elsewhere: our work spot gave really good views of the extensive scrape that has developed in West Field.

More wildflowers

Several us went on a very interesting tour of the Nature Reserve today with Richard Storton, our advisor from the RSPB. New wildflowers noticed were Meadowsweet at the edge of the Hay Meadow, Deadly Nightshade, Orange Hawkbit and Fool’s Water Cress in  Upper Sowerholme, Common Bistort, Shepherd’s Purse and Brooklime in Big Meadow, Pineappleweed in West Field and Phacelia and Borage growing as part of the bird and bee friendly sowing in the Arable Field. Most of these are in the collection of wild flower photos but I seemed to delete some by mistake so they will have to wait for another time!

April hare

Sue and I were in the arable field this morning. We surprised a brown hare hidden by the slope of a lynchet up at the top near Pony Wood. It shot off in the direction of Upper Sowerholme.