Flora Fields Educational Programme

With the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Flora Fields learning and volunteering programme started in autumn 2013 and continued until the end of 2014. There were four main strands to the programme:

  1. Learning activities for children in local primary schools and in Flora;
  2. A series of public lectures in the Storey Institute and associated visits to Flora and other wildlife sites which will be open to all;
  3. Training for volunteers to help them to maintain the reserve;
  4. An end-of-project two-day public exhibition in Lancaster City Centre about Flora, its heritage and the Fairfield Association’s longer-term plans for conserving and managing the Flora reserve.

 Flora – Autumn Programme of Events Leaflet

 Flora – Spring Programme of Events Leaflet

 Flora – Summer Programme of Events Leaflet

 Flora – Autumn Programme of Events Leaflet (2014)

We have made audio recordings and slides available following each lecture, which can be accessed below. Please note that some of these files are large, so if you are having difficulty viewing or hearing them, please right-click on the link and select ‘Save as’ if your browser supports this functionality.

The Fairfield Association and Flora: Past, Present, Plans and Possibilities (Mick and Hilary Short, 19/09/2013)
 Lecture Slides (3.35 MB)  Podcast (26.6 MB)

Conservation Grazing and Meadow Restoration (Bill Grayson, 03/10/2013)
 Lecture Slides (23.6 MB)  Podcast (27.6 MB)

Wildlife Evening (Various, 17/10/2013)
 Lecture Slides (150 KB)  Podcast (10 MB)

The Agricultural History of South Lancaster, with Special Reference to Flora (Mike Derbyshire, 14/11/2013)
 Lecture Slides (16.2 MB)  Podcast (44 MB)

Growing up at Carr House Farm (Members of the Loxam family, 28/11/2013)
 Lecture Slides (454 KB)  Podcast (59 MB)

White Park Cattle and Other Heritage Breeds (Fraser Granell-Watson, 23/01/2014)
 Lecture Slides (4.2 MB)  Podcast (49.3 MB)

The Honey Bee – does it have a future? (Fred Ayres, Lancaster Bee Keepers, 13/02/14)
 Lecture Slides (1.2 MB)  Podcast (34 MB)

Local History Research (Mike Derbyshire, 06/03/2014)
 Lecture Slides (7.5 MB)  Podcast (44 MB)

Hedgerows and Hedgerow Trees, their Wildlife and Landscape Value (Walk led by Tarja Wilson, 08/03/2014)
 Handout (84 KB)

Organisms and Ecology of Flora and Fauna (Chris Workman, 27/03/2014)
 Lecture Slides (12.7 MB)  Podcast (94 MB)

Invasive Aliens! (Keith Jones, 15/05/2014)
 Lecture Slides (18.3 MB)

What Lies Beneath the Fields? (Ian Sharpe and Ken Sedgwick, 18/09/2014)
 Lecture Slides (7.35 MB)  Podcast (43 MB)

How the Fairfield Nature Reserve is Managed (Claire Harris, 02/10/2014)
 Lecture Slides (2.2 MB)  Podcast (54 MB)

Birds in Fairfield Nature Reserve (Ian Nieduszynski , 16/10/2014)
 Lecture Slides (1.6 MB)  Podcast (64 MB)

The Story of Fairfield from Pre-history to Today (Ruth Jenkins , 23/10/2014)
 Prezi Presentation  Podcast (62 MB)

A presentation of Fairfield related resources held by the Archives (Vicci McCann , 12/03/2015)
 Lecture Slides (8 MB)  Podcast (57 MB)

Birdwatching in the nature reserve: Which birds to look for and how to recognize them, including their calls (Ian Nieduszynski and Jon Carter, 26/03/15)
 Lecture Slides (6 MB)  Podcast (57 MB)

Butterflies, their life-cycle and how we can support and enjoy them (Tom Dunbar, 07/04/16)
 Lecture Slides (3 MB)  (Podcast to follow)

A Virtual Walk Around Fairfield Nature Reserve (01/12/16)
 Lecture Slides (18 MB)  Lecture Transcript (195 KB)

Bird Migration to Fairfield (Ian Nieduszynski , 09/11/17)
 Lecture Slides (3.5 MB)

Fairfield’s Wetlands (Oliver Fulton, Sue Nieduszynska & Graham Brandwood, 25/01/18)
 Lecture Slides (6.8 MB)