Public Consultation

Flora view - Photo courtesy of Janet PackhamThis consultation, which took place in The Friends Meeting House on 5 and 6 September 2013, was designed to help us create a plan for the area which will:

  • conserve a well-loved local landscape
  • protect and enhance local biodiversity and
  • help local people to enjoy both these.

Following the Fairfield Association Meeting held on 18 September, the proposals that were agreed can be accessed below:

 Flora – Agreed Proposals

Although initial decisions concerning Flora have now been agreed, we have provided links below to (a) the Public Consultation questionnaire, (b) a Public Consultation document which describes Flora and explains the options we were considering and (c) three coloured maps, drawn up by our landscape architect.

The maps which were most useful for deciding among the various options are Map 2 and Map 3. The former shows the options concerning the fields and also footpath 1. The latter illustrates the other footpath options.

 Flora – Public Consultation Questionnaire
 Flora – Public Consultation Document
 Flora – Public Consutation Map 1 – Location/Site Survey
 Flora – Public Consutation Map 2 – Natural England/HLS Plan
 Flora – Public Consutation Map 3 – Alternative Routes

Here is an analysis of the returns from the Flora Public Consultation in the Friends Meeting House on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 September.

 Flora Consultation – Analysis (note-form)

We are grateful to Lancashire County Council for funding this Public Consultation, including the fee for our landscape architect, Georgina Peacock, who drew up the above maps for us.