Aldcliffe Road Triangle

The Aldcliffe Road Triangle is a small triangular shaped piece of land between the Lancaster Canal and Aldcliffe Road, opposite the junction with Regent Street. The area which had been unoccupied since 2004 was derelict in June 2012 when a ‘Friends of the Triangle’ group was formed, with the aims of transforming the land into public green space and bringing the workshop building back into use.

In December 2012, ‘Friends of the Triangle’ became part of the Fairfield Association, operating as a specialist sub-group which reports to the Fairfield Association Committee, in the same manner as the long-standing Flora, Fauna & Orchard Group (FFOG).

You can find out more about the Triangle and our plans to improve it at the Friends of Aldcliffe Road Triangle website. To join the Triangle mailing list send a request to dave AT aldclifferdtriangle DOT org DOT uk.